Kidney Dysplasia Diagnosis and Treatment

Kidney Dysplasia

Kidney dysplasia refers to a condition where the internal structures of one or more of the fetus’ kidneys don’t develop normally during pregnancy. Two thin tubes of muscle, called ureters, grow into the kidneys. They then branch out to form tiny structures called tubules. As the fetus grows, the tubules absorb urine. The tubules don’t … Read more

StarFruit Benefits and Risks of Eating

StarFruit Benefits and Risks of Eating

StarFruit Benefits and Risks: What Do You Know About Star Fruit? – Star Fruit is a very popular fruit that can easily be found in some countries. But surprisingly, many people are not aware of the benefits and risks associated with star fruit. This article will highlight some of those benefits and risks. Star fruit … Read more

16 Week Ultrasound What to Expect

16 Week Ultrasound

The following is a list of what you can expect from a 16-week ultrasound: At 16 weeks, you may still not be able to tell if you are having a boy or a girl without an ultrasound. Your baby will start to look more like a human and less like a tadpole. Baby’s growth is … Read more

Foamy Urine No More Panic

Foamy Urine No More Panic

This article will examine the reasons behind the formation of Foamy Urine No More Panic, as well as some of the options for treatment available to treat every condition. The cause of this is usually due to a rapid urine stream. However, a variety of medical conditions can also cause this impact. Urine is usually … Read more

Is Crystal Light Bad For Your Kidneys?

Is Crystal Light Bad For Your Kidneys

If you are wondering Is Crystal Light Bad For Your Kidneys? The kidney can take on almost all kinds of liquids your mother may decide to consume. Crystal Light as well as any flavor would be perfect. Is it ok to add Crystal Light into hot water? Crystal Lights On the Move! Mix the desired … Read more