Does Coke And Asparagus Work For Kidney Stones

Does Coke And Asparagus Work For Kidney Stones? It is referred to the Cocaine Treatment to Kidney Stones. Fluids are useful for anyone suffering from stone formation. However, the method of use suggested could not be the best choice and this article outlines some of the disadvantages.

Our Patient

Recently an amazing woman aged 71 visited the clinic to undergo a metabolic assessment in order to prevent her kidney stones that were recurring. Her first kidney stone around 5 years ago. One year later, she had another kidney stone that required shockwave lithotripsy. The stone was then examined and she was told that it was an “calcium stone.” Over the next couple of years, she would take one stone every year. In recent years the frequency was increasing to several times every year. Disappointed by frequent recurrences of stone She sought out information on the internet on possible treatments for recurrent stone diseases. On several websites, she found a remedy referred to by the name of “Coke treatment,” which is said to dissolve kidney stones and stop the recurrence of stones. She paid her bill of $39.97 and was given a guideline informing her to take the following:

Does Coke And Asparagus Work For Kidney Stones By

Following Treatment

  • Drink 72 ounces Coca Cola, ideally not coffee-free or diet-friendly, in fifteen minutes, or the fastest time you can.
  • steam and puree one-half-pound of asparagus. Drink it immediately
  • Repeat as needed until the pain of kidney stones is gone and the stones are gone
  • Some variants of this treatment are available on the internet also suggest drinking water for a few hours

She followed the directions given and discovered that, on the day of the pain that was acute her symptoms did actually, diminish. But, after a year, she noticed that an increase in the number of stone-related attacks increased, most recently the point of passing through gravel 2-3 times per week (with some discomfort). To counter this, she has utilized “Coke treatment” about 2-3 times a week over the past year, which has created a unending cycle (more on the subject later). In the end, her daughter requested to see a doctor and, as a result, she came to us inquiring why her treatment wasn’t successful.


The search term ‘Coke treatment for kidney stones’ returned around 108,000 results. And by page 10, the treatment was still in use. Therefore, cola drinks are a popular treatment present.

A claim from Internet legends claims that phosphoric acid, an ingredient found in dark colas when consumed in large quantities, can trigger a reaction inside the kidneys that dissolves the calcium oxalate (or calcium phosphate admixture, which is renal stones. There are variations of this assertion in discussions with patients.

Let me walk you through some of the specifics.

The Proof for COKE

Fluids are useful

Let me begin at 72-ounces Coca Cola that are to be consumed quickly. Of obviously, if someone is suffering from acute renal colic, with tiny stones stuck inside tiny organs such as the ureter or urethra drinking up to two liters of fluids of any kind could aid in trying to move the stone away from the body. What is the reason for Coca Cola? Or any other cola in particular? Do you have any reason to believe that cola beverages have particular properties that make them an alternative treatment for stones?

So far as I am able to discern, there isn’t any.

Cola Drinks aren’t a Tested Treatment

Phosphoric Acid in the form of an effective Stone Dissolver

Phosphoric acid, when mixed with nitric acids, is employed as a cleaner in the industry of beer to get rid of beer stone (calcium Oxalate) out of beer kegs. It can also be used in cleaning products for home use to remove industrial contaminants and as a rust removal agent. This can lead to the false belief that drinking drinks containing acid phosphates can cause problems in the kidneys , similar to the ones found in beer Kegs.

The effects on Cola on People

What about real people rather than crystals?

Cola Drinks Increase the risk of stones in Urine

Four participants were required to drink three quarters (96 ounces) of dark collapsible during a period for 48 hours.  The results of this research show that on average, magnesium excretion during the 24-hour period decreased in 2.6 mg, while the average citrate excretion fell to 122 milligrams, while the average excretion of oxalate rose to 8.6 mg. Thus, in the three components the impact of the cola resulted in an increase in the risk of developing stone. Does Coke And Asparagus Work For Kidney Stones

A more extensive study conducted a few years after this one confirmed the results, as well as an growth of supersaturation in calcium Oxalate within a study of 45 participants.

Cola Drinks Increase the Statistical Risk of Stones

The subjects who consumed the highest amount of sugar-sweetened colas were 33% more likely to have a kidney stone than those who were in the lower consumption group. The general rule is that cola types of drinks are the wrong drinks to avoid stone formation.

Cola Drinks Could Pose other health hazards

Sugar and Sodium

The recommended quantity of regular Coke included in the “Coke treatment” contains the following ingredients: 840 calories and 270 mg sodium as well as 39 grams of sugar. The high amount of calories from sugar can most likely decrease the quantity of other nutrients one can eat or drink during the course of a day. Sugar and sodium cause higher urinary excretion of calcium. One of the major factors that contribute to nephrolithiasis.

Bone Disease

It could be due to the substitution of milk-based beverages. Or because of the acidity that is high in soft drinks. Drinking increasing amounts of carbonated drinks cause osteoporosis.

Kidney Disease

Alongside the well established link between obesity and diabetes. A recent study has found that a higher consumption of dark coca colas (2 canned cans and more daily) with increased risk for the chronic kidney condition.

What is ASPAGUS or Does Coke And Asparagus Work For Kidney Stones?

Ancient Beliefs

Asparagus has been grown throughout the Mediterranean region and throughout Asia for more than 2000 years. Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans believed that asparagus could have therapeutic properties. That range from treating rheumatism and mood disorders and even an 15 century century. Arabic sexual manual titled “The Perfumed Garden” claimed asparagus could have aphrodisiac effects. Many believe that asparagus to have diuretic qualities.

It’s Not Your Asparagus

The most common variety of asparagus you can buy from the supermarket. Asparagus officialness distinct from those that are medicinal asparagus racemose that is typically cultivated in Asia. Additionally, the therapeutic use of asparagus is usually based on the root and not the spear. Is what we typically consume?

No Asparagus?

What is the quality of the evidence? Contrary to what the herbal board states the results of an review by the recent study. Discovered no evidence to support the consumption of asparagus as diuretic. It must have specific effects on the distal convoluted region. As do diuretics containing thiazide, for it to have any positive effect in the prevention of stones. And certainly not effective in the immediate setting.

So, what’s the harm in the case of a Lot Of Asparagus?

In general, not typically, not too much. It is an incredibly healthy vegetable. Loaded with nutrients like folate, potassium and vitamin C. Asparagus contains a small amount of oxalate. This quantity can quickly increase with regular use of treatments such as the “Coke treatment. Vitamin C  transformed into oxalate inside the body. Thereby adding an additional amount of the ingredient into the urine. As with all items (except water) it appears that moderation is the key. Does Coke And Asparagus Work For Kidney Stones

Our Patient

Our patient appears to have increased her frequency of stone attacks due to “Coke treatment”. From yearly to multiple times each week. It appears that the treatment was actually more harmful than the condition.

During our visit, which was in preparation for the visit. She took numerous 24-hour urine collection. We devised an individualized strategy for her treatment of kidney stones. That was based on the parameters of her urine and a detailed review of her medical history. Through a steady increase in the amount of fluid. She drinks daily and the introduction of thiazide therapy. As of the last time, she had been able to avoid any further episodes of stone.

Our final word on the ‘COKE TREATMENT’

When it’s a hot Summer afternoon, drinking a bottle of Coke is a delight. It is a remedy of kidney stones there is no cola comparable to pure water. When it comes to the large doses of the “Coke treatment’. As well as no evidence to prove the benefits of an actual clinical study. It could be difficult to arrange and conduct a clinical study of the ‘Coke treatment’ due to its obvious dangers.

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