Sonogram vs Ultrasound

Sonogram vs Ultrasound

The difference between sonogram and ultrasound The word sonogram vs ultrasound commonly used for same thing.  There is a difference between them: An Ultrasound is a tool to take pictures. A sonogram refer to image generated ultrasound. Sonography refers to the use of an ultrasound instrument for diagnostic purposes. In other words, an ultrasound is … Read more

16 Week Ultrasound

16 Week Ultrasound What to Expect

16 week ultrasound what to expect The time of pregnancy is exciting. It’s a time to grow a baby and are eagerly anticipating their arrival and preparing for a new chapter of your life. It’s overwhelming! One thing you should always keep in mind is the regularity of moments throughout your prenatal treatment. Particularly, ultrasounds are crucial occasions … Read more


StarFruit Benefits and Risks of Eating

StarFruit Guide- Is Star Fruit Good for your Health? Consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables could become monotonous if you don’t experiment with various things. Fortunately, there are many tasty fruits and vegetables that can add diversity to your diet. One fruit that is becoming more sought-after is the star fruit. This article focuses … Read more

Kidney Dysplasia

Kidney Dysplasia Diagnosis and Treatment

What is kidney dysplasia? Kidney dysplasia refers to a condition where the internal structures of one or more of the fetus’ kidneys don’t develop normally during pregnancy. Two thin tubes of muscle, called ureters, grow into the kidneys. They then branch out to form tiny structures called tubules. As the fetus grows, the tubules absorb … Read more