The Kidney TRUST

ASD Healthcare Goes the Extra Mile for Kidney Disease Prevention and The Kidney TRUST

ASD Healthcare’s Juli Phillips and family at the DaVita Kidney Awareness Run/Walk in Ft. Worth

The days before and after Halloween 2010 were a busy time at ASD Healthcare headquarters in Frisco, Texas.  As a specialty distribution company with a focus on products that treat both chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end stage renal disease (ESRD), ASD is an active member of the kidney disease treatment community and a strong supporter of The Kidney TRUST’s efforts to raise awareness about the risks of CKD.

Almost 200 ASD employees participated in a company-sponsored kidney disease screening held in the Frisco office on Monday, November 1, after many of these same employees spent their Halloween Sunday helping to raise awareness about kidney disease at the DaVita Kidney Awareness Run/Walk™ in nearby Ft. Worth.  ASD Healthcare is a national sponsor of the Run/Walks, but takes a special interest in the Ft. Worth event, which takes place in their home state.

ASD Healthcare's headquarters in Frisco, Texas, where The TRUST conducted free kidney disease screenings

“Giving back to our patient community is an important part of company culture at ASD,” said Juli Phillips, marketing coordinator for ASD and a member of the company’s spirit and wellness committee.  “It’s easy to write a check for a sponsorship, but we try to take things one step further and show our personal commitment and dedication to the core work that we do – getting life saving products to people on dialysis.  The annual DaVita event is a chance for us to be walking the walk with our patients.”

The kidney disease screening event, which went on throughout the day on November 1, was conducted by staff members from The Kidney TRUST with volunteer assistance from Juli and her colleagues at ASD.  The goal of the TRUST’s free rapid-testing program, which has reached nearly 15,000 people since the program was launched in October 2007, is to identify individuals who have signs of kidney impairment. Along with learning their screening results onsite, participants benefit from a personal education session to explain their results and any individual risk factors, receive materials that offer additional education about CKD and its prevention, and are encouraged to seek medical follow-up as appropriate.

As part of ASD’s employee wellness program, the company regularly stages health-related events, like blood drives, flu shots, and health screenings, for the 1,000 employees who work in Frisco.  “Kidney disease screening was a no-brainer for us,” said Juli.  “A large part of our business revolves around providing products for dialysis and we think it only makes sense to bring kidney disease prevention into the lives of our own people, so that they are aware of the early signs of kidney disease and can take steps to avoid kidney failure if they are at risk.”

“ASD Healthcare is setting a great example for companies everywhere by including kidney disease screening as part of their employee wellness program,” said TRUST President and CEO Annette Eros.  “More than 31 million Americans have CKD and 90 percent of them don’t know it.  Screening events like this provide at-risk individuals early warning about the threat of kidney disease and the information that they need to either prevent or delay the development of CKD and avoid crashing into kidney failure and dialysis in the future.”