The Kidney TRUST

Tacoma Weekly: DaVita Teammates Hit the Road for a Good Cause

Tacoma Weekly article profiled this year’s Tour DaVita, a 250-mile bike ride to raise awareness about kidney disease and raise funds for The Kidney TRUST, which took place from September 19-21 in Washington State. 

The article discussed the TRUST’s screening program and quoted TRUST President Annette Eros:

“One booth provided free kidney screenings.  Annette Eros, president and CEO of Kidney Trust, said 15,000 such screenings have been done at various events around the country . . .  Eros said blacks and Hispanics are at higher risk of kidney disease than other ethnic groups.  Factors that put people at risk of kidney disease include obesity, diabetes and hypertension.  If the disease is caught in its early stages, it is likely patients will not have to undergo dialysis, Eros noted.  ‘The key to it all is awareness,’ she said. ‘The signs are not obvious and some people find out too late.’”