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A Kidney TRUST CKD screening.The Kidney TRUST’s rapid-screening team has been crisscrossing the country in 2011 to spread the word about the hidden dangers of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and how it can be prevented. In the first three years of the program, the TRUST had screened nearly 15,000 individuals for CKD. By the end of 2011 The TRUST will be conducting screenings at a rate of nearly 15,000 per year, with the intent to continue to extend the scope and reach of the CKD screening program through 2012.

Did you know diabetes is a leading cause of kidney failure in the United States? November is American Diabetes Month, a great time to dedicate yourself to educating others about the link between diabetes and kidney disease. This month offers a great way to raise awareness about diabetes, chronic kidney disease (CKD) and dialysis care.

Gloria Upchurch, the TRUST’s CKD screening program manager, who has been leading this year’s charge, says that the TRUST’s screening team has become a welcome collaborative partner at community and employer health fairs all across the country over the past year.

“African Americans, Hispanics, and Pacific Islanders are at greater risk for CKD than other groups and so we make a concerted effort to target those communities while building out our screening schedule,” she says. MORE >>

Photo: Tom PeekTom Peek of Park City, Utah was an unlikely person to be struck by kidney failure in his early 50′s. An accomplished skier and mountain bike enthusiast, Tom and his family, including his wife Lori and daughters Devin and Kylie, were leading active, outdoors-oriented lives. But Tom developed a rare disease called Goodpasture Syndrome that led rapidly to kidney failure and he found himself on dialysis in January of 2008.

Tom was very ill, but did well on dialysis for two years until he was able to receive a kidney transplant from his brother in October 2009. Since that time he’s been able to get back to biking and skiing and resume his real estate business full-time. He even felt well enough this year to take on the challenge of the 2011 Tour DaVita — a 260-mile, three-day bike ride to benefit The Kidney TRUST that crossed Connecticut and part of Massachusetts in September.

“I feel like I’m one of the lucky ones and have been looking for a way to give back,” said Tom. “When a friend who had ridden in previous years told me about the Tour, I knew that I had to give it a try.” MORE >>

Photo: Bed RaceThe second annual Bed Race for Life took place in San Mateo, California on Saturday, October 8, 2011 to benefit The Kidney TRUST. A wide array of enthusiastic and competitive teams in crazy and creative costumes participated in a series of racing heats that culminated in the first place finish of the team from Strike Brewery.

Photo: Bed RaceThe sun was shining and the scene was rocking with music provided by DJ’s from Denon & Doyle. The U-Jam Fitness team led a flash mob that had most of the competitors up and dancing (rather than resting) during a break between the heats.

Photo: Bed RaceOver the course of the day, many Bed Racers and their supporters took a few minutes to take advantage of the TRUST’s offer to provide free rapid-screening for kidney disease. MORE >>


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Photo: Bed RaceInterested in donating your vehicle for a cause you believe in? It’s easy to make a contribution that supports The Kidney TRUST’s efforts to raise awareness about kidney disease and provide financial support to people on dialysis. LEARN HOW >>


TRUST’s Rapid-Screening Program Kicks into High Gear in 2011

Kidney Transplant Recipient Tom Peek Rides the Extra Mile to Fight CKD

Bed Racers Push to the Finish Line to Fight CKD

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Annette ErosWe are thrilled that The TRUST’s CKD rapid screening program has successfully expanded its scope and reach this year. In fact, on a recent Saturday our team conducted four simultaneous screenings in different locations across the U.S. — providing test results and individualized counseling to 827 people. As a result more than 100 people are now aware that they have CKD and are empowered to do something about it, before it is too late. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, but the truth is that we’re just scratching the surface considering that 31 million Americans have CKD and only 10 percent of them know it.

We know that early detection saves lives and we’re on a mission to raise awareness about kidney disease and encourage everyone to take charge of their kidney health. You can help! Please consider making a donation to support our screening program. Every $50 that we raise allows us to provide free screening to an individual who may be suffering from CKD. Your donation, large or small will help save lives by supporting our efforts to reach and educate more people about the importance of kidney health. Thanks for your generosity and support.

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Graphic: 26 million adult Americans have Chronic Kidney Disease and 90% don't know it. Are you one of them?
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