The Kidney TRUST

Financial Assistance Program Applications for Dialysis Patients Available July 30th

On July 30, 2010 The Kidney TRUST will offer applications for another round of financial aid to dialysis patients through the Financial Assistance Program (FAP).  The FAP provides $1,000 grants to patients on dialysis under their private health insurance plans who are having trouble managing co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles for medical treatment and prescription drugs.

The upcoming round of the FAP is being offered to residents of California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Maryland, Texas, and Virginia.  For more information about the FAP program and to obtain an application, visit the Financial Assistance Program page on the TRUST’s website.

Since launching the FAP program nearly 700 grants and approximately $1.4 million in funds have been awarded to grant recipients.

“Dialysis is a long and expensive medical treatment and people on dialysis with private insurance often face tough financial challenges,” said TRUST President and CEO Annette Eros.  “FAP was developed to help patients bridge the co-payment gap because we believe that health outcomes for those on dialysis improve if they don’t have to make tough choices, like choosing between electricity, groceries or covering co-pays for drugs.”

Recent feedback from grantees has been very positive:

  • “With the FAP grant I didn’t have to go without my medications.  Our income has been decreased about 50 percent when my husband had to retire in October 2008 to be able to take care of me.”
  • “Funds are appreciated and were of benefit after the first of the year when co-pays and out of pocket were bearing down.”
  • “We greatly appreciated the assistance – the FAP gives us a peace of mind.”
  • “The FAP is an excellent program.  Thank you for the opportunity to participate.  I was able to seek more specialized care because you covered co-payments.  Thank you!”