The Kidney TRUST

An Ounce of Prevention

How a Denver Woman Has Protected Her Kidney Health

When Crystal Meyer participated in The Kidney TRUST’s screening program in March of 2008 at a company health fair in Denver, she was only doing so to keep a friend company.  At 26 years old and in good health she didn’t think that she had anything to worry about when it came to kidney disease.  When she learned later that day that her eGFR result was less than 60, indicating that she had a moderate decrease in kidney function, she was shocked:  “I had no idea that it would be a problem,” Crystal said.

Crystal Meyer

Crystal Meyer

As a business analyst for DaVita, Inc., one of the leading providers of kidney care in the U.S., Crystal knew more than most about kidney disease, but she didn’t dream that she could be affected.  According to Crystal, “It was a real wake-up call to me.  I went to the doctor soon after I got the test result and was told that I needed to cut down on my salt intake, get more exercise, and eat a healthier diet.  I changed my diet, started working out three times a week, and lost about 20 pounds.”

When the TRUST’s screening program came back to Denver during National Kidney Month in March of 2009, a friend urged Crystal to get screened again to see if her kidney function might be showing progress to match her new health lifestyle.   When the screening result came back indicating no further loss of kidney function, Crystal was very pleased.  “The result really validated everything I’d done to improve my health,” said Crystal.  She concluded, “It wasn’t easy changing my diet and getting into a regular workout regime, but it has definitely been worth it.  It was either that or end up where I didn’t want to be.”

According to TRUST program director Revkah Balingit, “Crystal’s story demonstrates what can be achieved when someone really takes responsibility for their health.  Crystal took the advice she received last year to heart and is now doing everything she can, through diet and exercise, to protect her kidneys and heart.  By taking action today, she’s ensuring that her kidneys will last her entire life.”